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June 22nd, 2007, 13:29
Originally Posted by Malk View Post
i agree. i was expecting a real rpg, but the game really made ma laugh… btw if there where no games that made you laugh since space quest… try day of the tentacle/sam & max: hit the road… funniest games ever made, if you ask me.
I've heard good things about Sam & Max but never got around to actually playing it. I'll give it a shot thanks for the tip.

Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
The Duck and Cover newsbit isn't very clear to me. He told them in an email? A forum reply somewhere?

As for BT being funny….yeah, OK. I guess that's a matter of taste. In my opinion, they made fundamental gameplay design mistakes and that is a bigger issue than anything else - if you are going to "reimagine" an old franchise, the changes you make had better be good. To completely change into basically a new genre (action/RPG) and not get that right doesn't impress me much.
I didn't think about where they got the newsbit but I would assume that it's credible or D&C is going to have an angry horde of fans to deal with I hope that's it credible anyways, it's the first ray of sunshine I've seen since Beth aquired the Fallout IP. Assuming that Fargo doesn't do another reimagining and sticks to what made Wasteland and Fallout great. Even though I did like Fargo's new Bard's Tale I would like to see him take this one a bit more seriously or at least more RPG and less Diablo.
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