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October 27th, 2006, 21:32
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
But if it fails it will be because it was a buggy mess and then Arkane won't get funding for their next project and they'll go 'the way of the Troika' … is that what you *really* want?
If they can't perform to reasonable expectations, yes! I see no reason to keep rewarding bad behavior. Even if a game and company do well, its no guarantee that the company will stay solvent. At any given time the "powers" may get greedy and accept a buyout. More companies do this, it seems, than those that fold because of crappy products. If Jon Van Caneghem hadn't been a greedy bastige, we'd likely have MMX-XII in the market already.

If Bethesda makes Fallout 3 to look like Oblivion: Afternukes then I hope that the game doesn't sell and it forces Fallout to become part of gaming past. I'd rather have that happen than to see some lame game carrying the prestigious Fallout name. Even if the failure of Fallout 3 caused Bethesda as a company to go under.
If you're not making "Prestigious Titled Real RPG" like its predecessors, then don't make it at all. Make your own game.
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