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October 27th, 2006, 21:42
I don't see why people are defending this game because "it wasn't supposed to be an RPG anyways". What exactly is it supposed to be then? It doesn't compete in the RPG market and it doesn't compete in the FPS market either. The Gamespot reviewer didn't just say that the game's RPG elements sucked. He also said that combat and level design were shallow and repetitive and that the story sucked. Like I said previously, if you're going to accept that this game isn't an RPG, then let's compare it to F.E.A.R., Far Cry, and Half-Life 2. Does the action stack up? Nope, it certainly doesn't. It's Oblivion without the open-endendess, RPG stats, or beautiful graphics. Big whoop.

I and many others predicted that this would happen the day that it was announced. Ubisoft and Arkane took Arx 2, dumbed it down for the XBox 360 by stripping out the role playing elements, and then slapped the Might and Magic name on it to try and sell it to PC RPG fans. It's the perfect formula for a crap game that nobody wants. You could see this coming from a mile away.

Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
But if it fails it will be because it was a buggy mess and then Arkane won't get funding for their next project and they'll go 'the way of the Troika' … is that what you *really* want?
Arx Fatalis 2 was their next project, don't you see? But it became this piece of crap. No, I don't care if they go the way of Troika if this is all that they are going to do.




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