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June 23rd, 2007, 00:10
There isnt going to be some Xbox or PC game where the object is to "kill babies or rape little children", so just dont even bother with such a hilarious statement. Reminds me of someone I was having a free speech argument with who asked me as their zinger "well what if Hitler wanted to be the commencement speaker at a Jewish college?". It isnt going to happen. It's stupid to even say it, so just stop it already.

The difference between "drawing a line" and censorship is what? It's when people who are doing the censoring think that their opinion is supreme. If blood adds nothing to a game, if it truly means nothing, then what are you all up in arms about? You just dont think it's anything worthy, but some people would say the same thing for pixel shaders, or shadows, or whatever. Living beings bleed when punctured in some fashion, that's called realism.

So some shooter or action games where you can run around and shoot 3d models with a gun, or attack them with a sword or crowbar or something are just fine, that's what confuses me. Just dont go too far and hack or blow the head off a certain type of 3d model or kill it in a certain way, or even wipe out a smaller 3d model than the approved size.

We should just check the ID's of all 3d models in game first, to make sure that they are all at least 18 years of age before being shot, sliced, or stabbed? Limbs can be blown off, just as long as it's not that realistic? Yet "Gibs" are fine, you can blow people to a huge pile of flesh as in the Quakes or Soldier of Fortune? That's better than stabbing someone in the neck with a syringe?

I'm just saying, it's funny that we can have some games where 3D models are literally shot, blown to pieces, etc, but it's OK because it's an approved 3d model and method of execution. Violence is violence, if you call for one to be outlawed you should by all rights call for all games where violence is featured, whether by gun or blade, to be outlawed.
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