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June 24th, 2007, 11:59
Very much a 'don't buy' from me.

Massive infodumps all over the place, annoying cliche after annoying human interest cliche used to try and disguise the cardboard characters, suspension of disbelief defying galactic diplomatic shenanigans stuck in there so that people can make 'we humans are not going to be pushed around!' type speeches (spare me!), unstable prone to exploding stuff, strategically placed just to be all explody, so we can have lots of HUGE explosions in the final act.

Oh, and that whole damsel in distress thing. Twice. with the same damsel, who is supposed to have been a frickin' space-marine or something in her previous career.

Frankly it was a wallbanger of a book. Lowered my expectations for the game quite a bit. So maybe you could consider it if you're looking for a hype antidote

And it's not as if I don't like pulpy science fiction adventure stories, after all I have a bunch of both E.E Doc Smith and David Weber sitting on a shelf over thataway. I wasn't expecting to get the head-bending, attempt to rewire your perception of the future, past and present subspecies of science-fiction, after all.
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