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June 24th, 2007, 18:07
Just to see this form another angle:

Some time ago (½ a year ago, I think) I watched a movie called 'the interpretator'.
In one of the movies first scenes, you see someone getting shot - by some one who says 'say hello' to the teacher'. What shocked me and me 'verstimmt' (is the German word, sorry, I don't know the English?) was that the shooter ---- was a boy
of maybe 1o or 12 years of age.

If they've made the Interpretattor into a movie, should they've keep this scene. I would vote for yes, without it you can't understand the backstory or the plot of the movie.

I also watched just recently a very interesting and fascinating Japanese movie, called Casshern. (you should rent it some time). In this movie, you see soldiers shooting small children and innocent women and men. If this game were to be made into a game, I'd still vore for this to in the game, since it is a defining moment for the whole film as well as for the film's plot & story as well.

Most games let you have the option to kill the small children or not, to rape someone or not. That's is what free choice is about in games. Most games like Fallout and Baldur's Gate will inflict severe punishments on you, if & when you either kill innocents or children in the game. [In Icewind Dale, I think, you have the option to kill children at some point during the game, but expect to be severely punished by the game if you do…]. Games let people have the freedom to what they want do during the course of the game, do I kill the children and excepts the punishments for it, or don't I kill the children here, so that I more easily can finish the game.

I read somewhere (maybe in the thread about at the BGSF forums?) that the BBFC actually did a study in this. Contrary to popular belief you get more emotional upset when you watch something 'bad' happening in a movie than when you plat a game, including Manhunt 2. My guess would be that in a game you have the feeeling of the actions, and if you've done something that maybe ended poorly, you can either re-load an earlier save, or just try to iron out your mistakes as you finish the game.

I disagree with the ban. It will just make the game more interesting and Rockstar games might just sell quite a few thousands games more because of this banning the game thing. I don't disagree with the rating of AO, though, or the PEGI rating of 18+ . Interesting, isn't it? How both Sony & Nintendo seems to be happy with the 18+ from PEGI, but unhappy with the same rating from the ESRB? (which probably have more to with that on a certain level in the game you're passing tvs that basically show porn videos rather than the violence in the game). AO is equal to 18+ from PEGI, the only real difference being that major retailers like Walmart etc. won't be carrying 18+ games in the US, while they will do this in the PEGI countries in Europe.

I don't feel (or need) the state to tell me (a 43 year old adult male) what I can or can't buy, watch, see or listen in terms of books, movies, games and televisions shows. I'm all for (harsh) censorships when it comes to kids, since I believe that kids should be protected as much as possible from seeing violence etc. both in games and in in real life. I'm also a very staunch defender of free speech and that everyone has the right to make the books, movies, television shows and games that they want to make.

If I don't want to buy a game, I don't buy. If I don't wan't to ren't a movie, I don't rent it. You and I have every to say that we don't want to this kind of game or that kind of movie in our home or house. We don't have the right to say, on behalf of other people, that they should be banned (or barred) from getting this game or that book or this movie, if they want to do it. Especially not, when they are adults, and by that I mean over the legal age of 18. Not you, nor the state, nor anyone, should decide what is appropriate for me as an adult to watch, read or play.

Regarding the Manhunt 2 game, if you go to ign, and do some searching, you will find a very fine article describing the gameplay in Manhunt 2 in depth. When you read it, you will see that it's really not so much about shooting/popping people down than the media says it is; it is more or horror survival game like Condemned, where you need to hide in shadowows, use your cunningness, and your stealth, along with your intelligence - to silently sneak out of the Asylum.

Of course, the mental patients as well as the wards are going to be come after you. The shock, awe and horror effect lies in the fact that they too are lurking in the shadows - waiting for you. So the whole scary bleek feeling really only plays out in your mind, ffrom you watching the surroundings an the atmophere in this game. And that is something younger kids don't understand. Adults do. And that's why I am happy with the 18+ PEGI rating for Manhunt 2.

Manhunt 2 is a game I won't be getting, but I couldn't dream of telling other adults not to get the game, if they wanted to get it.

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