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June 24th, 2007, 20:39
wow aries, crazy long post dude! ='.'=
Even tho I'm wondering what game youre referring to when you say:
Most games let you have the option to kill the small children or not, to rape someone or not.
Most games? this has to be a typo, for I can think of one game that you can actually shoot kids in cold blood, and that's Fallout. But rape?? I'm scratching my head here over that one.

But yes magerette, notoriety is definitely one of Rockstar's main ingredients, and it's one of the main ones that keeps people buying their games. I think it's half the reason Marilyn Manson ever went platinum. Not saying that MM has no good stuff, but he most likely wouldnt have been noticed at all in the first place. There's things that bother me sometimes. I didnt buy San Andreas for example because I really dislike the "ghetto" motif, thus it would prolly irritate me the entire time I'd play it. So, I didnt buy it.

But the notoriety just in this thread worked on Manhunt, just grabbed my copy outta the mailbox a few mins ago! Just what I need, another game…
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