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June 26th, 2007, 06:57
That bites PJ, sorry. My joystick doesn't have force feedback at all, so it doesn't matter. Isn't there a way you can disable the feedback altogether from your joystick software or window gaming controllers access?

Anyway, I should actually be PLAYING the game right now instead of typing about it, but just wanted to continue with the adventures I've covered so far. Well, that is to say, what I've done so far has been anything but adventurous. I've attempted to become the next trading mogul and have discovered that it's fair bit more complicated than the average game.

Firstly, I have to get in my trading vessel, a Mercury freighter, which I was automatically outfitted with when I started the game on 'easy.' The normal and more difficult levels do not give you a transport ship from the get-go. Since I'm new to X3 I decided to be kind to myself. Navigating around the menus can be a hassle, but I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I switched from my Buster to the Mercury and promptly set out to find riches and glory, or at least a good deal on some Beefsteak Cahoonas.

Before you can say "Jazura!" which incedentally is a time period in X-game language, not a sneeze, I discovered an abandoned cargo pod in the sector I was traversing. At least I assumed it was abandoned, but just in case I made sure know one was looking when I approached it My computer could not identify the object, and so I did exactly the opposite of what any smart pilot would do… I opened my cargo bay doors and scooped up the U.nidentified F.loating O.bject. Much to my glee, the object was not a proximity mine, and I didn't blow up.

Lo and behold, the first station I dock at (an equipment dock) happens to list my UFO as being worth 87,000 credits. Needless to say, I couldn't off-load it fast enough!! Now armed with a heavy back-pocket, I set off in search of a good buying deal. I thought I found it in a bay full of Cloth Rimes. I was wrong. By the time I sold them all I ended up loosing 20,000 credits on the deal. The reason is because, sort of like the real-world, X3 adjusts the prices as you by and sell. In other words, in the real world you can buy 1 item for 5.00. But if you buy 20 items you can get them for 3.00 each… X3 uses a formula similar, in which the more units you sell to someone the cheaper each unit becomes. I ended up catching it in the butt on this one.

After sigining off here, tonight I'm going to give trading one more attempt, but to be honest, this aspect of the game feels more like work than fun. I mean, if I put this much effort into buying and selling in the real-world, I'd be telling Donald Trump what to do.

Yes, combat is definintely my forte. I think I'm going to become a pirate hunter and capture ships and sell them to make my fortune. Maybe I will eventually earn enough to build a factory that manufactures ships. Apparantly that can be done in the game, and is next on my list to try.

Oh, a note about the graphics…. I have been called a "graphics whore" in another thread, and I don't resent it a bit. This game is a graphical work of art. The scenery is unbelievable. Well, maybe just the opposite actually - it is the most believable (true to real life) graphics of outer space I've ever seen in a game. No other space sim (that I've seen) even comes close to matching the splendor of X3. I love the design of the ships, and how their surfaces have a nice sheen to them. After all, why not? It's not like they will get rusty in outer space! My only complaint is that there is no view of the cockpit. It's as if your pilot is just floating in space out in front of the ship. This has been remedied somewhat by an unofficial mod another X-fan has developed. It puts visible cockpit controls onto the screen, varying for each ship. The graphics and designs he has made aren't quite up to par with the rest of the game, but to me it still feels more immersive to have the cockpits there.

Well, I'm off to get rid of these Meatsteak Cahoonas and then it's time for a little "shoot'em up, shoot'em up, pow POW!"
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