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June 26th, 2007, 20:36
The only connection I could see is a delay due to aesthetics? i.e. the towns being upgraded for, in my opinion, rediculous reasons. Town layout in an rpg is about as important as having a cool intro for the publishers name, or a typo in the ending credits. No one cares, or no one sane at least, in my opinion. And that's stretching any sort of link to NWN. Other than that, I can't see it. Unless, he is talking about VD talking more about art direction and other aesthetic related topics, which of course was important for both nwns, and was admitted by a developer that it wrecked nwn 2.

I would consider myself a fanboy of AoD, and since I strongly believe that superficial nonsense is very unimportant and is just a waste of resources that could have been used to make a game actually better, VD's aesthetic talk kind of makes me a little miffed. But, when I look at it from the big picture, and I have to be truthful and realize that superficial nonsense it what most people seem to make their game purchasing decisions on, and that I want AoD and other indie developers to do very well (without being sellout bandwagon, graphic whore bitches ((I'm still allowed to swear right?))) to spur the development and viable market of other indie rpgs, I can't really complain.

I would rather have a less aesthetically pleasing game sooner rather than vice versa, but he also posted about actual game related issues that are delaying release, such as items on the group, etc. I wish he'd talk about that more than the graphic whore crap. But que sera sera.




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