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June 27th, 2007, 09:39
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The series are definitely loved in Japan and probably influenced a lot of Japanese RPGs. Many Japanese RPgamers still prefer TB combat and there are some good (Tactical) Simulation RPGs such as Tactics Ogre, which is my favourite, too.

About the publishing right of Wizardry, it appears a company called AeriaIPM has the right now. Many Wiz fans are anxious since the name is not familier with them.
Well, Sir-Tech Canada/1259190 Ontario had been licensing the name to virtually any Japanese publisher who wanted it, so players shouldn't be too concerned about the transfer (unless AeriaIPM, which is an IP management firm, decides to grant exclusive rights to some undesirable company).

As for Wizardry in Japan, it remains a niche brand, although a devoted following exists.




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