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June 28th, 2007, 14:19
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
Bethsofts concept has strayed too far from my ideal RPG to be interesting.

But… but… the critics rave!

Quandary: 5/5
The quests available in Oblivion are the best I have played in any RPG. They contain many twists and are often more convoluted than they first appear.
Games Radar: 10/10
…this doesn't even touch on the enjoyable mini-games, including lock-picking, stealth action and persuasion. They don't feel like filler.
Yahoo! Games: 5/5
But the painstaking attention to detail, outstanding worldcrafting, and inspired AI make it a huge improvement [over Morrowind]
Gamespot: 93/100
The game's fine-tuned challenge is achieved in part because the enemies you'll encounter out in the world will get stronger as you do, though in practice, this doesn't come across nearly as contrived as it sounds. Growing more powerful in this game feels suitably rewarding, as it should in any role-playing game.
Worthplaying: 9.8/10
Oblivion is one of the best packages of the past several years, with no element even average; everything is as close to perfect as can be expected.
Gamershell: 9.8/10
The quests in Oblivion are probably the best in any RPG to date. Due to the huge environment and the excellent AI, the quests can finally involve a lot more than "Go to the swamp. Kill 20 lizards, and bring me their hides."
ActionTrip: 94/100
In many ways, [Bethesda] have once again revolutionized gaming as we know it.
Boomtown: 10/10
That’s about the exact moment I truly realised the sort of game Oblivion is… A masterpiece. One of the best ever made.
Also in the same review:
…your indoctrination into the Arcane Academy is a chore,
…becoming a vampire is about the single most annoying thing in Oblivion
[the plane of] Oblivion itself actually sucks.
Jeremy Soule’s score [is] almost exactly the same as Morrowind’s.
The Radiant AI is anything but…
The levelling-up system is rather clunky too.
…the "Loading Area" signs suck.
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