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June 28th, 2007, 15:54
While I don't have any kids (yet!) I have a niece age 10 about. And she has GBA console on which she plays most of her games. I don't think she has Nintendo DS, though. My impression is that the Nintendo DS is mostly for grown-ups or maybe for audience from about 16+ and up, but I could, of course be wrong…

From my own digging around the internet, I've found that a lot of grown-up (or adult ) adventure gamers have a Nintendo DS - because they can play adventure games on it. I plan to get a Nintendo DS lite so I can play some of the excellent adventure games made for the DS.

I'm just somehow concerned that Bioware seems to have their first 'wrong' move, financially and decision wise in teaming up with what seems to be a dying franchishe, the Sonic franchise. I don't think an rpg set in the Sonic universe is going to rescue the Sonic franchise ---- at best it will give Bioware some money…
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