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June 29th, 2007, 20:47
Just enter your BIOS by hitting the 'del' key or 'F2' (these are the two most common ones… just watch out for the message 'Hit [key] to enter setup' when you boot your system and it will tell you the exact key ).
Then you will usually find the CPU and multiplier settings under 'Advanced Chipset Features'. You use the cursor/arrow keys in the BIOS to navigate so check the 'Advanced Chipset Features' section. This is where you should find the front side bus settings (FSB) and the multiplier settings (ranging from something like 7 to 13 in .5 steps or something like that). As Gorath said, this is where you will need to set your FSB to 166MHz and the multiplier to 11 (11x166 = 1826MHz). It could be that the multiplier is fixed at 11 so there might not be an option for it. Then just change the FSB to 166MHz and that's it. Exit & save changes and you're done .

As far as overclocking is concerned, I wouldn't recommend it to an inexperienced user. For good OC'ing of an Athlon XP 2500+, you'd need:

- Good cooling.
- A board with an nForce2 chipset and preferably a certain revision of that board so it supports the 400Mhz FSB that you would be aiming for (like the Asus A7N8X-E Rev 1.1).
- Excellent, high quality DDR-400 RAM (or faster).

Then you could try to turn your XP2500+ into an XP3200+. I did that when I had a 2500+ but the fan noise (you really need good cooling) plus some minor but yet noticeable stability issues got on my nerves after a while and so I went back to 2500+ values and just bought an XP3200+ later on when the prices had come way down (paid EUR 129.00 or something like that).
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