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June 29th, 2007, 21:26
No, there isn't . But if you mess up the FSB/multiplier settings and overclock your system too much then the system should boot up in fail-safe mode the next time. Any decent board (like an Asus) has a "backup" function like that (auto-recovery).

In worst case, i.e. if there isn't an automatic recovery, you'd have to check how to clear the CMOS (= the BIOS chip) in your mainboard manual. This is usually done by removing the battery from the board for a couple of minutes or by setting jumpers into the 'Clear CMOS' position and then booting the system once with the jumpers in 'clear' mode (basically what happens then is that you short the CMOS). Then you power it off and turn it back on with the jumpers in the normal/default position. Your mainboard manual would have all the details. Let us hope you won't need it .

The FSB and multiplier stuff is simple math, really. Just make sure you don't go beyond 166MHz FSB (which BTW is the same as 333MHz FSB… for AMD systems, the FSB like the RAM follows the principles of double data rate (DDR) and is transmitting data at the rise and at the fall of a signal instead of only the rise as normal so the "effective" clock is 333MHz) and not beyond a multiplier of 11.0x. Then you're totally on the safe side. Good luck .
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