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Default Transformers Vs Died Hard 4

July 1st, 2007, 10:14

I'm not transformers fan per se, but woww…., this transformer movie is good. Very good in fact. Oh Wait, that probably is still an understatement. It's impressive action movie, the best so far this year IMO (even after i just watched Die Hard 4.0). In short the film is "huge robots + massive destruction + awesome CGI + slick combat actions," - with tight and visceral action scenes as we would expected from director Michael Bay. Definitely best action movie this year. Apparently the movie is targeted at young and male moviegoers segment, as you would deteced in terms of "teen-friendly" dialogs, gadgets humors (cellphone, internet & computer jokes), handsome new rising male lead shia Labeouf (look like younger version of Russel Crowe to me - but man, his acting was really good in Disturbia), and certainly in a movie like these - plus a hot female co-star (Megan Fox) with a nice butt. :wink:

Die Hard 4.0

I like all previous Die Hard films. As always, Bruce Willis still bleeds tons of blood in this newest Die Hard series, but that's after every bad guys got their balls badly kicked and left them bleed profusely. The typical John McClane's jokes is back (in one scene after blasting a bad guy out into street below, he said "that would wake the neighbours up"), with the head-on, bad police attitude. A Nice movie not unlike the Transformers, if you're for looking action stuffs, not some Oscar winning dialogs, story or acting.
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