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October 28th, 2006, 12:06
Colour me disappointed so far, although I'm not very far in at all. I did enjoy the demo, so I think it will get better.

This is close to the worst stability I have ever encountered (yes, well beyond other classic problem games) with regular crashes, hangs and poor performance in some areas while getting great performance in others. I'm sure the known 68xx series bug is part of the problem but given that this is surely one of the most popular cards on the market (6800GT to be precise, and I'm not installing old drivers), it's hard to forgive.

In addition, despite the Steam release being delayed outside of NA for two days I still had problems with missing files (thanks for the tip, txa1265) - not Arkane's fault but I assumed Valve/Ubisoft/whoever would have fixed it given the extra time.

I quite like DM's melee but these early stages have the action broken up by some poorly paced intervening sections, complete with pedestrian story telling, ordinary voiceover and annoying companion (what's her name?).

As I said, I liked the demo so I'm hoping it gets better.
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