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October 28th, 2006, 15:02
I enjoyed the demo for what it was and will probably purchase the game at some point. It seemed like a weird Oblivion/Half-life hybrid to me, but seemed to have decent atmosphere and combat.

I think all the vitriol towards this game is that as more and more of these type of FPS hybrid games come out genre fanatics (like those on this site) feel their genre will be made obsolete. To be honest, that is a real fear that we all share and should not be discounted.

However, in Ubisoft's defense, their site never once mentions RPG as a descriptor for this game. In fact, they continuallly call it a "fantasy action game" which is appropriate.

I don't think Gamespot's reviewer had any preconceived notion about the game. I think he just didn't like it. However, as others have said, the reviews so far are more than agreeable.

Lord Alex



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