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July 4th, 2007, 20:51
I know what you mean Dt, I thought that Sam Elliot was going to help Blaze fight Blackheart myself, especially seeing as how Blackheart effortlessly snuffed out Blaze's first attack on him.

Just saw Transformers myself last night, and here's my thoughts-

As JDR said, the movie is clearly made for 12 year olds and people that enjoy comedy of that caliber. Masturbation and pee jokes, double entendres of the sort that had me rolling my eyes, while the rest of the crowd was roaring in delight. That's just me, perhaps I'm getting grumpy in my old age, but I just simply cannot for example find someone getting hit in the nuts or a dog peeing on someone funny anymore. It's like "cue laugh track", you know.

Stuff was drawn out and agonizingly overwrought. Bumblebee was the "cute" robot, so he was the designated heartstring-puller. It felt like at least 5 minutes of slow motion footage set to sappy synth music as he's taken captive. Poor Bumblebee *sniffle*

I truly loathe with all my heart the Michael Bay style of quick-cut, shaky-cam action sequences where it's practically impossible to focus on anything, it ruins the action for me. All I see is flashes of movement, an explosion, falling debris, and practically nondescript things whizzing by. Makes me yearn for the static camera angles of the old Godzilla creature fights, at least I could tell what the hell was going on. Adding to this confusion is the fact that most of the robots dont have the distinctive look and colors that they all used to have in the animation, thus it's quite difficult to tell who's-who in the midst of battle. What just happened? I have no clue!
Wait til the fight's over and see who's standing. Takes the thrill out of the thing for me and just gives me a headace, it's frustrating.

I'm suprised that a hip hop or rap style score and soundtrack wasnt present. The entire soundscape was suprisingly rock and metal based! I dont think overall it was a terrible movie, I mean, some of the sights were truly beautiful. The chase sequences were amazing, because they have focus, youre along for the ride and it's exciting. Starscream or Megatron in-flight transforming and hitting the ground or vice-versa, and some of the other mobile transformations were really unbelievable looking. Lots of nice explosions and flights into and thru buildings and such definitely were cool.

it was worth ten bucks to see it in a theatre with pals, but I just wouldnt buy the thing.
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