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July 6th, 2007, 02:22
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I suspect Roqua won't be playing FO3, so there's no problem.
WHAT!!!???? Not only will I buy it and play it, I'm going to make love to the cd's.

My favorite thing about FO3 so far has to be that it has highlighted big game journalists to be freshman bitches who know less than nothing about games. Its like someone gave my mother a lot of money to write nice things about space shuttles and how awesome they are. Its sincere, quirky, and cute, but not to be taken serious or meant to be actually informative or accurate.

I love how a pause function somehow makes a game turn based now.

p.s. In case anyone canít form a mental picture of my mother and why the shuttle piece wouldnít be included in any scientific literature if she wrote it, she is an old school Sicilian, born in Tunis, who has a middle school education and has old world values when it comes to how women should be, such as if you have premarital sex you are whore who will burn in hell, and a womenís place is in the home. But donít worry, my oldest sister is a butch lesbian neo ultra-feminist liberal as pay back for such savage thinking. My mother is far from stupid, but also far from probably being able to pick a space shuttle out of a line up of other things that can become airborne.

True, he'll be busy trying to finish Grimoire!! We'll have to change his name to Cleve!!
Since Cleve won't respond to anyone you should really but the demo up for download. Myabe send him an e-mail telling him you are going to, and if he doesn't reply we can take that as a go ahead. I know dteowner would like it (if he hasn't got it already) as well as shagnak and a bunch of other people.
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