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July 6th, 2007, 04:34
Starforce has the ability to disable half your computer. Litteraly. It installs its own drivers, without asking in most cases, that runs hidden in the background whenever you try to run games. These drivers have the unfortunate effect of causing major unstability on different systems, because they trigger various reactions in Windows XP (don't know about 98) that may, as an example, result in CD/DVD roms becoming virtually useless. There have been cases of people having to completely re-build their PC or format their harddrives to get it to work again.

So why is Starforce still in business? Their own answer is simple: They are protected by the EULA when you install the game that their copyprotection is supposed to protect.

Anyway, this was just an example, let's not turn this into a Starforce discussion.
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