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Default such a let down for me…

July 8th, 2007, 14:41
I reviewed the game a few weeks ago…

It was such a let down !

I finished in about 15 hours. In fact the game has good potential, good combat system, but it's clearly unfinished.

[SMALL spoiler ahead]

You gather a few parts of a relic (no other quests needed, just go there, get them), fight a boss… and the game ends.

seems they didn't have time to make side quests matter and simply to finish the scenario ! Some cities are completely empty (closed & surrounded by huge "unpassable" walls), access to the dwarves world is closed by a huge unpassable gate, and the "second" world which is in the scenario is not in the game.

and the end… great ! I thought there was a bug… you kill the bad guy, the hard disk is working, and… nothing. You're back to main menu !

too bad, because it had potential, for sure !




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