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July 9th, 2007, 21:39
Nice interview. Reading it, I found myself thinking about some of the guys I originally played Dungeons & Dragons with and how we all eventually reached a point together where we wondered if we had become jaded. We were true fans of RPG, and I think Jeff Vogel must be one too.

Back then most of us decided that we needed to take a step back, that we had lost something somewhere along the way to becoming "D&D experts." We reminisced about the first time each of us ever made it back to town, the first time we got an elf to level 4, the first time we ever found a magic ring. And we all agreed, those were the days.

I'm glad to hear Jeff Vogel backed off from his earlier comments about hating fantasy RPGs, because fantasy-adventure, and Tolkien in particular, are the inspiration for this genre. Tolkien’s wonderful stories provide a lesson for RPG makers, IMO, the same one Bilbo Baggins learned in the end (and his nephew after that). For the adventurer, it's all about the journey you take.
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