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July 10th, 2007, 17:59
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
This game has been in production for a very long time now, isn't it about time we start getting some new, solid information instead of just various discussions and a three year old wallpaper? The first previews of Dragon Age were written after E3 2004, where Dragon Age was shown, so it must be getting close to completion unless something has gone wrong.
Probably nothing has gone wrong as much as the game simply isn't being worked on very much. Bioware is essentially a console developer now and the PC appears to be just an afterthought. Remember, they just merged with Pandemic, a pure console developer. Since this game was announced, Jade Empire came out, and then Mass Effect was announced and it will come out this year. I'll bet that Jade Empire 2 will be out before this game. Since Dragon Age was announced, Bethesda has acquired the Fallout license and they will have completely built a new game and released it well before DA. Grand Theft Auto IV will have been completely built and released in a three year period with a new engine. Ditto for Halo 3. I used to be optimistic that this game would be out last year, but now I figure it probably won't be out before the end of the decade unless it goes cross-platform, which it probably will. I have given up hope on this game. It's as good as vaporware.
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