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July 11th, 2007, 16:17
So, now I was reading through all of this, and the last entry (by Arno Wegener) is the most basic one. And action-oriented, of course.

Where the other entries are very specifig, his entry is rather a … I tend to almost say "philosophically" one.

The only thing that bugs me is that it is also very action-oriented, with that I mean it is oriented towards action games in the RPG sector we all know. Collecting as a means to gain rewards, for example. To me, that's a very traditional-action-based view, so to say.

By the way, the remark with the 10 hours of gameplay (I believe he meant non-action singleplayer games) was quite a bad calculation, imho. I don't think he has ever played really good non-action RPGs & adventures.

The entry of Travis Baldree goes also in this direction : Short, fun games with lots of things happening (I didn't say "action" ) for people with not much time.
Which is the thing action gamers might wont, or am I wrong ?

Jehanne Rousseau puts the finger there, where the nowadays problems lie, he or she points the things out as I tend to see them myself.

The first entry is rather what's important to me, myself, from my personal point of view. I think I would join the Chinchillas in their conquest for ll cellars worldwide, though.

This leads into a different point : We hardly can forsee what the player wants to make, so we must be able to keep all possibilities open for her or him. Except in extreme railroading games (DS1 anyone ?).

I think this has recently led to the "sandbox" types of games, but - as Martijn Holtkamp points out - this might be not the only way to provide rich experiences to the player.

My very personal view is usually very different on that : I'd just like to be a normal farmer in an RPG. What we usually see limited on MMORPGs - the farming and simple crafting jobs - aren't there in more or less "cklassic" RPGs, because everybody believes nobody wants them. Except Gothic, maybe (actually I haven't played modern RPGs in ages), where one coulkd actually forge his own sword, and roast meat.

So, this could be imho an interesting point : Just owning a farm, growing herbs (between adventures ) and actually selling them. Thus gaining money for better equipment (I didn't say "stuff").

But, since everybody believes that especially SP games turn around on the "hero" concept, people believe that playing a farmer and a crafter won't sell - except in MMORPGs, of course.
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