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July 11th, 2007, 20:45
Jehanne Rousseau nailed it, I think. Sadly enought, you won't find a publisher if you're game strays to much from the current form, no matter how dull pepole seem to think it is. What they (the publishers) seem to forget though, is that most gamers aren't under 18 anymore…

I allso liked Martijn Holtkamp's views. Sure, some of the quests can be kill the gangleader, fetch this item, explore this ruin kinds of quests, but if you want to make a good game those quests should be mixed with more stimulateing quests. And being able to solve the quests in different ways (one good, one neutral and one evil is the classic way, though it doesn't have to be that simple) is pretty much essential for a "proper" RPG. If you can only solve it in one way, how will you be albe to roleplay?

And I doubt better writers would hurt. Better writers isn't all though. Just look at Neverwinter Nights 2. The dialogue is wellwritten and so is the story (at least up to level 8 where I stopped. A friend stopped at level 18 because of the lack of exiteing plothooks), but the game is still boring (IMO).

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

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