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October 29th, 2006, 04:17
To be honest very few games benefit from a PPU right now, and they are higher than a mad cat's back atm. Quake(or any game using it's engine I suspect) is simply a different game with a PPU however. I've never been an FPS kinda guy, but the PPU makes you want to go blow things up just to see the amazing detail.

I brought the ASUS card home and installed it in my machine o test a few games AOE3 did quite well with the PPU also. But of course it already had alot of ragdoll physics in it anyway. Just park a dozen falconets in the middle of a village and watch the villagers get flopped all over the place and you'll see what I mean.(nice game to play when you are drunk )

Seriously though, if you are on a budget looking for the best bang for the buck, upgrade mem/vid card/cpu/monitor. If however you already have top of the line everything and plenty of cash, try out a PPU.
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