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October 29th, 2006, 08:39
Originally Posted by slam23
I found it at underdogs: http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=5228
Hey thanks very much for this. My collection of games harks way back to the dawn of gaming. This was the only one ever liberated from me and never returned. It won't replace the original but it will bring back the fun

Originally Posted by dteowner
Well, I've been a bit hasty. Burning to CD was misbehaving for some reason so I switched over to a virtual drive kinda thing. When the install program tries to run, it pukes and says "Arcomage does not support Windows NT/2000". Does this mean I'll have to come up with some dual-boot setup?

Also, the Heavens thread is excellent for MM1 thru MM9 but has no info on Arcomage. I did a forum search over there for Arcomage and came up dry.
I unziped the file which created an Arcomage folder with the contents of the zipfile.
Then I used Nero to burn the Image to a CD. Nero selects the Arcomage.cue file and then burns the files to the CD.

To install the game once the files are burned to the CD:
1) Explore the CD and go to the _setup folder
2) Right click on Setup.exe with the mouse and choose "create shortcut" (I chose to save the shortcut to the desktop)
3) Right click the shortcut on your desktop and select properties, under the compatibility tab select Windows 98/Windows Me
4) Run your shortcut, The installshield will load; follow the instructions.

To run the game under Win XP:
1) Once the installation completes; find Arcomage.exe in the directory you installed to, right click the file, select properties, chooses Win98/Me compatibility mode.
2) Arcomage only runs in Windowed mode in 16-bit colors. So you will need to switch to 16 bit color before running the game.
Right click your desktop and select properties. On the Display Properties Panel that opens, click the Settings Tab, locate Color quality and on the drop down Menu select Medium (16 bit).
3) The Pdf manual is in the install directory. Take a look at it and the readme.txt
Enjoy the game.

Remember to change back to 32-bit color when your done playing the game.

Once again thanks much for locating this game !

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