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July 14th, 2007, 19:01
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
I wonder how much they will be concetrating on fixes with this one considering
the host of new features they were advertising for it…
Hehe, wonder no more . Here's the fix list courtesy of Oblivion-Lost.de

Changelog for patch 1.0004:
1. Calculation of detail objects has been moved into a second CPU thread.
2. Optimization + 10-15% FPS
3. Shader optimization.
MP features:
1. Standalone dedicated server.
2. Remote control for the dedicated server.
3. Max ping disconnect option.
4. Self-optimizing packer for net packets. Gains better ping and traffic reduced by 50-100%.
5. Filters for server list do not get discarded.
6. Viewing available maps without disconnecting from the game.
7. Artifact counter does not show up in statistics.BR] 8. The list of players does not get reset to the beginning when trying to scroll it. Now it is easy to vote for banning or kicking a player.
9. Corrected a few errors in determination of the cause of death.
10. Exploded grenades are not left behind in the place of the explosion.
11. Corrected activation of artifacts and the algorithm of action of the anomalous zone spawned from it.
MP crash fix:
1. Fixed the currently known crashes.
1. The user can create the resource file with the mod for release with a single click of a button.
2. Mods can be installed onto the retail version by simply copying the resource file.
SP fixes:
1. Error with the first shot from the barrel-mounted grenade launcher. The grenade is not lost on the first shot.
2. Fixed weapons disappearing from hands after prolonged movement in crouched position.
3. Fixed crash when the player approaches someone from the Monolith's gulag.
4. Fixed Voronin's missin for elimination of a bandit.
5. Fixed random missions at the wild territories.
6. Fixed the random mission of bandit elimination at Cordone.
7. Fixed the barman's random mission of getting rid of snorks in the dark valley.
8. Fixed the error of the random mission of defending a camp when moving to another location or saving/loading.
9. Fixed the random mission of killing mutants when a pseudodog is among them.
10. Fixed the random mission of killing mutants.
11. Fixed random missions with raiding character gulags.
12. Fixed the variety of goods at the bar and at Petrenko's after completing a random mission.
13. The wounded run away from grenades.
14. Zombies at Yantar run away from grenades.
15. Fixed the patrol path at Yantar, which looked like random crashing.
16. Fixed the patrol path at Agroprom, which looked like random crashing.
17. Fixed the mission with destroying Dolg's squad in the village at army warehouse.
18. Fixed the error at Radar, which led to completing the mission of turning of the radar without carrying out the objectives.
19. Fixed the error with repeated scene of Dolg's ambush at the army warehouse level.
20. Fixed the error with the camera flyover at Pripjat'.
21. Fixed the error with Bess, because of which he could not be cured.
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