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October 29th, 2006, 13:29
It seems that the particular spell (denomination) must only be learned at the relevant and appropriate shrine of Beliar, Innos or Adanos, but there are some twists and even some surprises at the shrines at higher levels!!

The gameplay gets deeper when using the transformation spells of Adanos the status-quo god, the in-between or neutral god) - these are the nature spells that originate from the druids.
This is where extreme gameplay occurs, the summoned creatures allingnment/temperament can go undetected by the enemy, or friend for that matter…!!!

This means that the player, by careful judicious implimentation of a spell, can for a certain length of time, override or purposely negate the colour coded text that appears above the character and beasts and even objects.
The viewed character,beast, or object text colours.

Red………hostile (yes, even a chest has thieving repercussions)
White……neutral, normally unaffected.
Orange….Angry, irate but not hostile.
Green……friendly, co-opperative.
Blue……..a follower, assistant.

This G3 gameplay can get very deep, there's more to learn "time will tell the wiser"
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