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July 15th, 2007, 05:09
The Prodigy

Pretty nice movie, although not as good as i hoped. However it is still no small feat for a small budget feature film by dozen first time filmmakers.

It tells the story on gang rivalries between two underworld groups, but the opening fight quickly cut short when a mysterious guy show up (always wearing a dark trench coat and goggle) and start brutally kills almost everyone. A small-time enforcer named Truman from one of the gangs seems to became his main target, although at this stage no one know the cause for sure. Later it turn up the mysterious guy had pretty unusual background and pass history as an assassin.

In the end though, the film never build up enough interesting story or the depth of characters, nor the lingering disturbing emotions to generate a catharsis. I'm sure in the hand of directors like David Fincher or David Lynch, the film could be far more better, but hey, it's unfair to compare to them!.
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