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July 17th, 2007, 23:18
Originally Posted by Gallifrey View Post
My last attempt at playing had me torn between a Half Orc gunslinger mercenary type and an Elf magical rogue type….
The Half Orc dialogue was fun for a while, but after a bit every conversation went pretty much the same route, from being insulted, to having the option of either being violent or groveling.
I also have about a half dozen other concepts that are perfectly possible to make in Arcanum kicking around in my head. It's the indecision that kills me!
I think that's called role-playing.

My son went the Half-Orc route(one of the ugliest female chars I've ever seen, especially in a Victorian ballgown) when he played years ago and he could be heard chuckling maniacally from the computer room pretty frequently. I don't think he minded the resorting to violence part--he somehow acquired high tech skills and made lots of major UZI type things.
My problem the first time through was a bit similiar to yours, only I resolved my indecision by going for a little of everything. Man, does that ever not work. I had gathered some cool blueprints earlyish, only to find that when the components finally became available I could never build them. Same with my alchemical stuff--too techie.
So the next time thru it was with great relief that I found myself refused entry to the train as being one of those regressive magic users.

Hmmm, feels like it might be getting time for my annual playthrough .
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