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July 17th, 2007, 23:28
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
My problem the first time through was a bit similiar to yours, only I resolved my indecision by going for a little of everything. Man, does that ever not work. I had gathered some cool blueprints earlyish, only to find that when the components finally became available I could never build them. Same with my alchemical stuff--too techie.
So the next time thru it was with great relief that I found myself refused entry to the train as being one of those regressive magic users.
I've never finished the game, nor even come close. My furthest foray was with a bit-of-everything Halfling and yeah, it really didn't work. None of his skills were high enough to be effective and the game just kind of fell apart.
I think the only way I'll ever complete the game is if I essentially put blinders on, paying attention only to the things which effect my character, ignoring the rest.
Because the game has something for everyone, I keep running into things and thinking "ooooh… that'd be cool!" and end up restarting.

Arcanum is the only game which gives me these troubles!
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