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October 29th, 2006, 19:07
Oh yes, summoning spells can also be quite fun - you can pop up a demon in the middle of a city and have it smash half the city for you, without anyone blaming you for the slaughter, since they only consider the demon hostile.

Also, I've started using creatures of the wild to do my dirty work. Below Cape Dun is a cave with ogres - pull some of them up to the city and watch them kill butcher the place. Of course, that means less xp for me, but it sure is fun!

My next experiment will be to pull the big, black troll north of Silden into town.. that has potential of being hilarious, hehe.

The colours Wulf wrote are correct, however, you should be aware that enemies who are attacking you (or coming towards you) will have a slightly lighter red than creatures that are only hostile. This way you can see which enemies are actually coming at you, and which still haven't noticed you.
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