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July 19th, 2007, 15:05

this is my first post here - so be kind

My top 4:

1. Wizardry 8 (Sir-Tech/Linda Currie)
Best turn based combat system ever. Very detailed world. Perfect character improvement. Orginal quests.

2. Albion (exThalion team/Blue byte)
Very hard not to be No.1. Hmm, maybe it is. - Best world design ever (Much better than Planescape Torment Imho.). This game lives.

3. ADoM (Thomas Biskup)
Roguelike game of extraordinary quality created by one man. TB is genius.

4. Realms of Arkania: Star Trail (Attic Entertainment Software)
Freedom. Adventure. Myths.

CRPGs which mean much to me:

Wizardry 7 (Sir-tech Software, Inc. /David W. Bradley)
Game for maniacs. Yes, I'm one of them.

Dungeon Master 1 (FTL)
Good old DM1.

Ishar 2 (Silmarils)
Nice maps, hard puzzles and intersting interaction between group members.

Ultima Underworld 1 + 2 (Looking Glass Technologies)

Rage of Mages (Nival Interactive)
Multiplayer as single - Each piece of new equipment is SO great improvement. In no further game I have so big joy from poor leather armour or iron sword like in RoM.

Amberstar (Thalion)
I didn't have the rune table from manual so I must deciphered it!

Knights of Xentar AKA Dragon knight 3 (Megatech Software)
My dark pleasure in my teen years . But very good game nevertheless.
And now I play Ambermoon under Amiga emulator. This game WILL be in the list. It's fantastic!
I prefer turn based CRPGs and I'm very sad that their time ended
Last one was Gods: Lands of Infinity (not too bad - very nice slavonic mood)
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