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October 29th, 2006, 21:50
Spent too much of the weekend playing it. Found I had to restrict my build to keep it interesting. As in Oblivion, the AI's predictability cheapens the experience. The orcs might bark at each other to flank, but they never take cover, circle around you, hold the high ground, or otherwise show any glimmer of intelligence. They just run toward you in a tight clusterfuck and eat lightning bolts five at a time. Ancient and terrible undead warriors can't deal with someone running in circles. I wish Arkane every success, a raft of sequels and a host of imitators, because I really really want someone to get this right.

(Hard, autosaves only, the offensive spell and the mana regeneration skill lines only, no blades or bows, no ring of regeneration. I hit mana regen halfway through the island and Sareth suddenly went from an impossibly weak stick-fighter to Serious Sam.)
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