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July 20th, 2007, 15:21
It's a bit off our core line but Vic Davis from Cryptic Comet dropped us a line about their new indie turn-based strategy release, Armadeggon Empires. It has a post-apoc setting and Vic tells us "the game tells a story of sorts each time you play". Here's the press release:
Armageddon Empires PC Game Release (July 17, 2007) - Indie game developer Cryptic Comet announced today that their turn based strategy game Armageddon Empires was available for purchase at their website www.crypticcomet.com via digital download. Set in a grim post-apocalyptic future, Armageddon Empires challenges you to rule the wasteland by building a pocket empire on the bones and burning metallic hulks of your enemies. Gather resources, deploy armies, and crush your foes without mercy.

Armageddon Empires takes the best elements of collectable card games (don't worry there are no cards to chase you get them all), board games, and computer games and brings them all together to provide a unique strategy war game experience. Choose a normal size map and battle in a death match with a single AI opponent finishing within an hour or select a huge map and slug it out with the other 3 factions in a game of epic proportions.

Game Features

- Turn based strategy game in a post-apocalyptic setting versus 1 to 3 AI opponents.

- Hexagonal maps depicting the ravaged wastes of earth circa 2345 featuring 3 map sizes ranging from normal to huge.

- 4 playable factions each with unique units, art and playing styles.

- Over 75 faction heroes lead your armies into battle. Heroes allow for larger, more effective armies and have their own special abilities that can change the tide of battle or even create new weapons and technology cards.

- Over 200 unique units wage battle across the savage landscape; command infantry, cyborgs, robots, powered battle armor, armor, artillery, mecha, biomecha and many more.

- Over 80 unique special abilities for heroes and units; abilities like multi-targeting, shock attack, double attack, fanatic, military genius and valor allow you to find exciting combos of play just like you would in a collectible card or miniatures game.

- Collectible card game flavor without the expense. Each hero, unit or facility is a card that can be added to your play deck.

- Board game mechanics. Roll a unit's attack die versus another unit's defense die and play special abilities and cards to alter the results.

- Assassinate enemy heroes, sabotage enemy facilities, gather intelligence through espionage and stealth, hunt down enemy heroes and hold them prisoner.

- Drop thermonuclear weapons on your enemies or load out your units with tactical nuke cards created by your leading technologists.
- Challenging goal based AI agents see the same game you do and must gather intelligence, build armies and formulate plans just like you: "No cheating."

Armageddon Empires is available for the PC and will soon be available for the Mac OSX as well. A 20 turn demo is available at the Cryptic Comet website.
The art is quite nice, so it's worth a look if this is your thing.
More information.
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