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October 30th, 2006, 00:27
The problem with Obsidian is the almost total lack of humor in their games, after that interview with Chris Avalone it is hard to back those guys anymore.
His comment was something along the lines of "Popbulture humor is Stupid".
Think about that then think of the orginal Fallout, System Shock 2 and 3, Bloodlines and almost every other great RPG.

Its certianly not that I mind drama or even playing a game which has no humor [if it fits the storyline] but to have an official company policy [Avalone's words] against it, that's poor conceptualizing and managment.
When I think back on KotOR 2, besides all the shortcuts, unfinished work and bugs it certianly had a serious lack of hummor, well imo.

Now on the other hand this is very good news as Bethseda has horrible story and character AI depth [inaine and monotone come to mind} so it will be a much better game all around than Bethseda could ever do.
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