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July 20th, 2007, 18:57
Originally Posted by curiously undead View Post
ubisoft makes/publishes plenty of fine games. just not rpgs.
No, they don't. They have flushed the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises down the toilet by converting these fine games from tactical shooters into console crap shooters. They have cancelled support for Dark Messiah even though a lot of people still can't get the game to work on their systems and even though multiplayer is beyond broken. They have released the latest Splinter Cell game pretty much as a straight port from the X360. Just try the demo. That game has "crappy console port" plastered all over it.

I hate UbiSoft with a passion. It seems like they can get nothing right. Even their forums are bugged. Links on their websites are leading to nowhere or looping back on the main page. Trying to find a patch for the correct language version is a nightmare (especially when you get auto-linked to the German pages… I hate that crap so much… let me decide which language version of your website I want to visit, I don't need no retard IP detection that will forward me to what it thinks is the "right" place for me). Their multiplayer sofware/tool is a complete travesty.
Seriously. It seems like everything that has to do with UbiSoft is buggy, broken and useless. I can't stand them.

Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
Yeah, look at the Gothic3 fiasco. Shudder…
You probably meant Gothic 2 (NotR) since Atari had nothing to do with Gothic 3. Rumor has it that Atari's decision to treat Gothic 2 like a red-headed stepchild was a tactical decision of them to reduce (or keep in check) the competition for their D&D franchise products.
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