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July 21st, 2007, 00:20
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sorry but i don't do tom clancy

cold fear, king kong, beyond good and evil, wild earth safari, hopefully call of juarez when i get a cheap copy, and dark messiah were all the ubisoft games i've played in recent years. all of them were at least a 7.5 in my book, and none of them suffered from bad console controls.

and you hate alot of stuff with a passion
OK, with the exception of Dark Messiah and Call of Juarez which are indeed both somewhat decent (especially the latter) and at least for DMoMM we have to limit the "decent" to the single player part of the game because multiplayer is dead and broken (just check the Ubi forums for Dark Messiah if you don't believe me) I haven't played any of the games you mentioned. With the exception of Beyond Good & Evil, however, they all got pretty mediocre scores (Wild Earth Photo Safari = 72% average, King Kong PC version = 79% average, Cold Fear PC version = 66.9% average).
I would bet real money that if we looked up -say- three random reviews of the multiplatform titles out of those titles, we'd find references to poor PC adaptation in at least one of the three random reviews for each game. Wanna bet?
I think it's great and good for you that you can easily overlook certain issues in games. That's truly a gift and a blessing but obviously those reviewers weren't too happy with the games.

Also, to get back to the more prominent Ubi franchises, did you know that German community members not only got this boycot petition going (for GRAW, R6V and Silent Hunter 4) but that they actually went ahead and had a community summit at Ubi's German HQ? The report (also available in English on the page) from that meeting can be found here. Bottom line: Ubi Germany is not responsible for the (lack of) support but the French main HQ is, of course. The fact that Ubi Germany agreed to meet members of the community at their office to listen to their complaints shows that there must be something severely wrong about Ubi's product policies.

Next, Ubi went ahead just very recently and issued a gag order to the developers (GRIN) of GRAW 2, forbidding them to post on the Ghostrecon.net fan forums. This order has been lifted again after massive complaints from the community but it shows what Ubi is capable of. Just about the only help and support players of GRAW 2 were getting was via GRIN's posts on the GR.net forums and Ubi goes ahead and tries to shut them up? They issue a gag order to their own devs for supporting their product? Are they mad?
BTW, rumor has it that the support for GRAW 2 will last exactly four weeks. No more patches after that supposedly. We'll have to see if it's true but basically that's Ubi for you so I wouldn't be surprised at all if it does happen.

Now if you add all of this up (including the stuff from my previous post in this thread) and finally -as the icing on the cake- add the fact that Ubi used to slap StarForce on their games a while back then you end up with a company that very easily outranks Atari and EA on the crap-o-meter BY FAR. Among the big publishers (i.e. if we exclude small crap publishers like JoWooD), I can't possibly think of a company that puts out more crap quality games.
Sure, EA's games might not be to everyone's liking and the milkage might be a bit extreme and the (non-)usage of their franchises might be questionable etc etc etc but EA games are usually of very high product quality at release. Can't really say the same for a certain French publisher.
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