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October 30th, 2006, 03:24
I always thought, Planescape: Torment had a lot of humor? Morte, the conflicts between Annah and Grace, the crazy stuff you could do in the game, that was imho great humor although sometimes a little bit specific, sarcastic… It was Avellone, who had the most influence on this game's design (and of course Guido Henkel ). I see this kind of humor coming back in NWN2. I read descriptions about party interaction and it felt like PST. So, I don't think this statement is true.

Anyway, there is no room for discussions. Bethesda has the license for FO3 and no matter what, they will do it. I don't like their games, too, though Emil seems to be qualified for the job. So let's hope, it will be at least as modable as Oblivion. There will be enough passionate FO fans to bring us the true FO experience we want.
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