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July 21st, 2007, 14:09
Sheldon Pacotti is in Junction Point now? He is a few designers who read books of my liking and write good dialog. Spector seems to be gathering his old (dysfunctional?) family and he knows Pacotti is an important key in making games which he wants to make. Even Deus EX: Invisible War definitely had its moments with the learned content although the lack of coherence and the soul of the original made it just snobbish at times. Of course, if he goes with this design philosophy of “I would rather fail gloriously than succeed at something mediocre”, he is doomed to some failures and blunders at times or - probably in most of the cases.

BTW, is Spector excited about what Doug Church is doing at EA – must be that unknown work with Spielburg…hmmm…sounds interesting.
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