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July 21st, 2007, 23:50
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
No Dreamcatcher for me either. I'm generally not big on making silly boycott statements but I'm sticking with this one.
But you don't told me give a hoot (or was it a lick) about Adventure games Dhruiny (re: my Sam and Max submission for the old RPGDot).


Atari managing to lock up the D&D rights for 10 years - that's a long haul. $4 million you say?

Atari was said to be hurting and by this time it was said they'd be near Bankruptcy. $4 million seems like a small sum for this name for this long. Is Wizard's of the Coast needing the cash that bad? I strongly suspect there's some royalty deals involved.

Is WotC owned by Hasbro now, I forget? Or did they just sell their D&D/d20 rights to them.

With 4th ed D&D due to be released any year now the company should have a bundle more cash horizon. 3.5ed was a disaster for PnP in general as 3rd party companies abandoned d20 in droves, but its meant more bling and market share for Wizards.
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