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July 22nd, 2007, 23:28
Edit : Found this in Wikipedia :

Publication date 1974 (Original)
1977–79 (1st Edition)
1989 (2nd Edition)
2000 (3rd Edition)
2003 (v.3.5)

So I have the third edition. The question is solved.
This has been subject to debate ever since WotC dropped the A in AD&D and proclaimed it "3rd Edition". Remember, TSR was selling the Basic editions etc as D&D at the same time they sold AD&D. Before that they were the Vellum books, the box set and of course the Chainmail Fantasy rules.

Some people count 8 different versions of the game in total. I would argue that 3.5 ed is more different to 3rd ed than 2nd edition AD&D ever was to AD&D.


Moriender that is indeed a whirlwind hand changing of Enron like proportions. It appears, from the way you describe it, that's its jsut a transfer of cash from one department to another.
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