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July 23rd, 2007, 07:00
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
*snip*..The only real unknown is the same unknown the movie-industry is facing, that being the future effect of the ease of pirating. Music and musicians have alternate revenue streams (such as concert and radio, etc). Movies have tv and hbo, etc, and of course merchandising. Games have nothing….
Unfortunately, there actually is an alternate revenue system for games: paid subscription MMO's and paid subscription additional content. If pirating continues to make significant impact on revenue, I expect we'll see more and more emphasis on online games that are self-supporting, as indeed we already are.

But I don't think the rest of the gaming industry will fold up and go away; it will just have to come up with some creative ways to protect itself, and to increase it's market base…and that might mean it would actually have to make a wider variety of games, more "niche" titles and products aimed at specific, predictable, cash-cow type audiences, say addicted CRPG gamers.

Or not. As you say, who really knows which way that will swing.
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