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July 23rd, 2007, 23:50
I recently saw a Civ Archives or some such that has all the old Civ games in one box. I HIGHLY recommend Civ2. I didn't get the warm fuzzy off Civ4, although I admit I didn't give it a fair shake (something else came out around the same time that got played instead). Age of Wonders is fairly good, although I didn't play it much. When it came out, I was due for a new rig so the AI took forever to complete which tempered my enthusiasm.

Although you're not enthused with non-elf stuff, you might take a peak at UFO:Extraterrestrials. Does a very good job recreating the original X-Com, which was an absolute classic. Squad-based TBS with a bit of real time base management thrown in for good measure.
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