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July 24th, 2007, 00:17
Old is fine as long as it will play on XP. I have the most background in old stuff, like MOO2 and HoMMs.
Sammy I've played Age of Wonders a bit and it failed to move me, but mostly because it has one of those tutorials that stop after showing you how to left click on your base. Might load it up again and retry, tho.
@dte--you boys and your space toys Actually, I liked the look of X-Com when you guys rec'd it as a good wargame for my spouse. It's the gameplay that makes a strat game, after all (as long as the setting isn't too alienating.) I've had a lot of fun with Alpha Centauri and Master of Orion over the years, overcoming my fear of lasers,alien life forms, tiny figures in wierd suits and doom stars.

I also love historical city builders and have played all the old Sierra stuff. Gallifrey mentioned Anno 1701, which I'm hunting the demo for atm.

@ c.u. yes I just played a bit of it. pretty cool.
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