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July 24th, 2007, 00:33
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Well, the whole thing is kind of incestuous . First, Infogrames acquired the interactive division (Hasbro Interactive) from Hasbro Inc. a few years ago (I think 2001 or 2003). That's how Infogrames got a hold of the Atari brand name and of the licences (minus D&D) that are mentioned in the press release. After the acquistion of Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames then formed Atari Europe and Atari North America.

As the press release states, Infogrames/Atari are now selling back some of the rights to Hasbro Inc. - They are getting $19.5 million of which $4 million will be going straight to Atari. The rest probably goes to Infogrames. I would assume that this sum (the $4 million going to Atari) was rather freely negotiated or assigned by Infogrames.

So what I don't get is why do some of you think that this reflects the value of the D&D franchise? To me, it just seems to be Atari's piece of the cake that they are getting from the whole cake that is worth $19.5 million. The $4 million just seems to be their share of the re-sale of the collective assets/IPs. Or did I overlook/miss something that would point at some correlation between the D&D rights and the $4 million?
It would seem to me like the terms and conditions of Hasbro granting Infogrames/Atari the D&D licence have not been disclosed at all.
The only thing that seems rather certain is that the Infogrames/Atari group needed some cash urgently.
But as far as D&D is concerned… who knows? Maybe the whole package of assets that they sold back to Hasbro was in reality worth $50 million and the difference between $50 million and $19.5 million = the value of keeping the D&D franchise until 2017?

To recap in short: Where's the link between the $4 million and the D&D licence? I don't get it…
Nearly right. You missed one step, but that's the interesting one.

With aqcuisition of Hasbro Interactive, Atari got the unlimited D&D software rights.

2 years ago, Atari sold this rights back again to Hasbro. In return Atari got the D&D licence for 10 years plus several licenses for software based on some Hasbro products. Guess which one. Right, the same licenses they are now selling back to Hasbro to keep the D&D licence for another 10 years.

Want a proof?
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