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July 24th, 2007, 02:18
There are several seemingly Java-based adventures - I mean real role-playing games - for the "Das Schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye, TDE) system out there - a few even translated.

What made the fans of this system quite angry was that at the height of the "Year of the Fire" campaign some of these adventures were ONLY available for mobile phones ! Nothing else ! Not even P&P !

So … things can be different.

What disturbs me is the overal philosophy of shattering a brand acroiss several platforms. LucasArts for example is I'd say infamous for shattrering the Star Wars brand across the PS/P2/PSP/XBOX/PC/Gamecude/Dreamcast/Gameboy/Gameboy Advanced etc. with exclusives.

Of course you can always say "you don'tr need to buy them all", but a real fan might really feel forced to buy another system/platform just to be able to play everything that has the label "Star Wars" on it … And LucasArts just don't care. They do so as if this highly special exclusive game will still be available in 10 years and if not who cares ? It's just money …

They just don't realize that trying to keep fans of a brand connected to that brand might mean that this brand shouldn't be shattered across too many platforms.

If they would realize this, they just wouldn't do it.

Or on the other hand they just do shatter the brand across several platforms especially having this "brand-connection" in mind, who knows ?

I once played Drakan : Order of the Flame. I was quite surprised as I found out that there had been a precessor of which I never knew.
First, they erect a strong brand pon the PC, then they try to transport it entirely to the PS or PS2 by developing exclusively for this system … To me it is as if I was developing Micromachines, get a huge success, and then I decide to develop it exclusively for the Dreamcast, to put things rather extremely.

RTS and FPS games are not so much shattered, by the way. Most of them stick to ONE console or the PC.
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