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July 24th, 2007, 05:46
Thanks for all the input. I have three demos I'm working through now, and still reading the tutorial on Dominions 3. (This is the one with the 300 page manual, isn't it? But I like it I get the feeling that 'immersive' is an understatement on this one. )

The Civ IV x-pak demo is nice, but I would want to go back to a little earlier time frame for a start position--which I'm sure the actual game allows, right? It's a little pricey atm as well since I would also have to get the main game. Would it be better as well as cheaper to start earlier in the series, say Civ II or III, or is IV a really big improvement?

@ Gallifrey: Played through the four tutorials of the 1701 demo--it has quite the addictive feel to it. I liked the look of the Knights of Honour title as well. I also had Stronghold at one point but couldn't get into it. Think I gave it away.

All this should keep me out of the bars for a few days. (Just joking, at my age granola bars are a big challenge )

Again, many thanks and feel free to add any not too rush-oriented rts games that someone with a distaste for pressure and no twitch skills can handle.
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