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July 24th, 2007, 06:31
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[…]still reading the tutorial on Dominions 3. (This is the one with the 300 page manual, isn't it? But I like it I get the feeling that 'immersive' is an understatement on this one. )

The Civ IV x-pak demo is nice, but I would want to go back to a little earlier time frame for a start position--which I'm sure the actual game allows, right? It's a little pricey atm as well since I would also have to get the main game. Would it be better as well as cheaper to start earlier in the series, say Civ II or III, or is IV a really big improvement?
Yes, Dom3 comes with a 300 page manual, though half of it is made up of spell lists. What the tutorial doesn't teach you is how to create a pretender god, and that's a big part of the game.

As for Civ, yes you can start in earlier eras: the earliest starting date is something like 3500 BC. Civ 2 is the only one in the series I haven't played therefore I can't compare it with Civ 4, but I have played # 3 and 4 is infinitely superior in every way. I know there's a Civ 4 Gold edition that has been just released, containing the main Civ game and the first expansion, Warlords; if you're interested in buying Civ 4 it's best, in my opinion, to try and find a cheap copy of vanilla Civ 4 and not bother with Warlords. Then if you really like the game you could get the latest expansion, Beyond the Sword, which has just come out. It contains all the improvements from Warlords: the new units and wonders, the Great General, etc. You only lose the Warlords scenarios although beside the Chinese Unification one they were quite forgettable.
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